The Progress of Vipassanā Knowledges Through the Stages of Purification
Purification of Conduct (practice of precepts)
Purification of Mind (temporary overcoming of hindrances)
Purification of View

      1.   Knowledge of Discerning Mental and Physical Phenomena
             (awareness of each object’s unique characteristic, ie.sabhāva)

Purification by Overcoming Doubt
      2.    Knowledge of Discerning Conditionality (awareness of intentions)
      3.    Vipassanā Knowledge by Comprehension (awareness of three universal characteristics,
              immature:1st “rolling-up-the-mat” stage; mature: 1st vipassanā jhāna)
      4.    Vipassanā Knowledge of Arising and Passing Away (immature: 2nd vipassanā jhāna)
              10 Corruptions of Insight (pseudo-nibbāna, ie. “spiritual goodies”)
                          Brilliant lights (flashes, auras, etc,)
                          Rapture (thrill & chills, ecstasy, etc.)
                           Energy (effortless energy)
                           Happiness (soothing bliss)
                           Knowledge (piercing insight)
                          Delight (gratification with above “spiritual goodies”)

Purification by Knowledge and Vision of What is Path and Not Path
Purification by Knowledge and Vision of the Way (ie. mature A & PA: 3rd

vipassanā jhāna)
      5.      Vipassanā Knowledge of Dissolution (begin dukkha ñānas, 2nd “rolling-up-the-mat”
              stage, suññata: emptiness of object and observer)
     6.       Vipassanā Knowledge of Fear
     7.       Vipassanā Knowledge of Danger
     8.       Vipassanā Knowledge of Disenchantment
     9.       Vipassanā Knowledge of Desire for Deliverance
    10.     Vipassanā Knowledge of Re-observation (3rd “rolling-up-the-mat” stage)
    11.     Vipassanā Knowledge of Equanimity toward Phenomena (4th vipassanā jhāna)
    12.     Vipassanā Knowledge Leading to Emergence
    13.     Vipassanā Knowledge of Adaptation
    14.     Change of Lineage Knowledge

Purification by Knowledge and Vision
    15.    Path Knowledge (1st stage of enlightenment with realization of nibbāna)
    16.    Fruition Knowledge
    17.    Knowledge of Reviewing
    18.    Attainment of Fruition
    19.    The Higher Paths and Fruitions (2nd, 3rd, 4th stages of enlightenment)